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Plas Heli - Dry Berth for Sport Boat - Trailer Sailor

Rules for the Use of the Plas Heli Crane:

Please read this page.

The crane is for the use of sport boat or trailer sailor 'dry berth contract holders only'. The weight limit for the crane is 3.0 tonnes. All strops/slings used on the crane must have a valid strop test certificate; on no account should the crane be operated with strops/slings that are not correctly tested and approved. Plas Heli has sets of strops and slings which have been correctly certified.

The crane can only be operated by Plas Heli authorised representatives who have attended and passed appropriate training sessions; operation is at their own risk. A list of qualified users will be kept by Plas Heli, only those customers will be allowed to use the crane.

Every use of the crane must be recorded on the on-line form below.

Other customers can book the use of the crane  by using the on-line form, but may not operate the crane.

The Crane key will be held by Plas Heli and only given to authorised and qualified users. It will be issued to authorised users upon application on-line and must be returned immediately after the launch or lift; any damage or loss will be the liability of the person to whom the key was issued.

Other than the authorised user all other persons must keep clear whilst the crane is in operation. Other persons are not insured to use the crane.

Under no circumstances must anyone work underneath a boat secured only by the sling or strops. The boat must be propped to prevent injury should the sling or strop fail.

Boats must not be left unattended underneath the crane ashore or afloat and must follow the directions and instructions provided by Plas Heli or its authorised agent.

Plas Heli has a power washer for the use of customers. This must be booked with the Plas Heli.

Boats must be keep in the allocated space, and the empty trailer must be returned to that same allocated space whilst the boat is afloat. The Trailer must be marked with the boat/owner’s name.  Boats must not be left parked under the Crane. Unauthorised boats and trailers may be removed or immobilised and payment for storage, on a weekly basis, will be charged.




This document is being prepared and further updates are expected shortly.


Please read and note that all berthing agreements are subject to these 'Terms and Conditions', 'Fair and Acceptable Use Policy' and the 'Data Protection Policy'

These berths are limited in number and will be allocated on a first come basis.

Please note, in particular, that you must have a minimum third party insurance of £3,000,000.




Read the Terms and Conditions here

Complete the Application Form here

Pay a Pontoon Invoice here

Read the Berth Options here

This page is being updated - call back again for the 'Sports Boat Package' and the 'Crane Protocol'.


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